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Dinnages commenced trading in February 1989, primarily as dealers in transport collecables, following on from being enthusiasts and collectors of nostalgic items. As retailers for ten years, we moved over to online sales therefore understanding how to create web pages of information and sales from an early start in 1989, which led to provide free hosting & email facilities to clubs and other non-profit organisations. Assisting them in getting a grasp of the web, domain names, web page creation, and for individuals too, guiding and providing computer set-ups, and the personalised email from domain names. Described below is a brief outline of some of the organisations the webmasters have assisted, listed in decending year order, with picture links to those sites.
Some domains and sites are NOT listed here where the client or individual has requested no publicity, with some now decommissioned through needs changing over time, but are kept here for our sample portfolio.

Screenshots of the home pages Client site, name and outline of the internet facilities used.
www.Katie.Dinnage.info www.Katie.Dinnage.info
As an introduction page for Katie Dinnage, the page is a basic start to give acclaim to her skills as an artist with a DSLR camera, building on college skills towards University. This page and its future gallery with links to her other sites will enable her views to be appreciated by others before persuing her career in this profession.
Follow the link and see her portfolio...
www.KentsAllFordShow.co.uk www.KentsAllFordShow.co.uk
Another new event in the calender promoted by Geoff Martin specifically for owners and enthusaists of FORD motors.
Follow the links and find out more...
www.KentsClassicCarShow.co.uk www.KentsClassicCarShow.co.uk
This new event of 2011 promoted by the organiser Geoff Martin, has surpassed all expectations and therefore has led to a repeat for 2012, also the event for all Ford enthusiasts, see link above. Follow the links and find out more...
www.MaidstoneVintageToyFair.co.uk www.MaidstoneVintageToyFair.co.uk
"The Maidstone Vintage Toy Fair" after 30 years of trading in the Lockmeadow, this established Toy Fair is well supported by both the trade and customers alike, continuing into the future as popular as ever, originally started by Dave Hatt, now organised by Geoff Martin & Mike Spencer.
www.MidSussexTransportFair.co.uk www.MidSussexTransportFair.co.uk
The first Mid Sussex Transport Fair in the summer of 2010 was successful enough to encourage a rebooking of the Haywards Heath Clair Hall for a post Christmas Fair on the 30th December 2010. After the second May event of 2011, there is another post Christmas event too. This new domain and web page based on the original leaflet text had been supplimented with some pictures and an update for the Seasonal event, leading to another summer fair. Check back there for new updates for future events and other details. This site and domain as most of these are owned and managed by Dinnages.
www.Mirlyn.co.uk www.Mirlyn.co.uk Ceased
Mirlyn Wireworkers established 1947, finally through the last staff who had worked there for over 50 years, retired in 2013.
www.PeacehavenModelRailway.co.uk www.PeacehavenModelRailway.co.uk Ceased
The Peacehaven Model Railway Club had been operating a small club for some years with an annual exhibition and until 2007 at the Meridan centre. The 2008 event was late in organising, with a fresh team at the helm. This event moved to a Church Hall on the more visual coast road opposite a local Model Railway shop run by David Young.
The event has not carried on, and the owner of the local Railway shop has moved away from the area although the shop continues to trade, the Railway Show is no longer.
www.Sussex-Transport.co.uk/kesr/ Kent and East Sussex Railway - Sussex Branch
Web hosting facilities were provided for this Sussex branch meetings of this Kent Railway Society with programme pages.
However the club frequently forget to provide the annual programme listing.
Jack Turley Jack Turley
A tribute to this avid Railway, tram & trolleybus enthusiast The Late Jack Turley on behalf of the Turley family in 2007, where later this tribute moved to within the Sussex-Transport Groups pages, with all his photographs available exclusively at www.TransportPostcards.co.uk.
www.CoastalCoaches.com www.CoastalCoaches.com Ceased trading 2011
Coastal was a long established bus and coach operator established in 1973, formally for private hire of coaches, tours with a change working towards the current fleet of low-floor buses in tendered service on the East Sussex & Kent border. The domain name www.Coastal-Coaches.com was also quickly purchased following another lapsed account in 2006. This site became the 'Official' company site with full fleet list and pictures of almost all vehicles ever owned until the owner retired without notifying us to cease the site.
http://www.SussexVintage.co.uk www.SussexVintage.co.uk
Free Web hosting facilities provided for the Sussex Vintage Model Railway Club, a Brighton based Model Railway Club, with background work in 2004, going live in 2006/7 2008 brought them added pages and more publicity.
www.Pine-Cabinets.co.uk www.Pine-Cabinets.co.uk Ceased
A small site initially just text in 2004, later promoting a selection of pictures and price list for the timber and glass display cabinets trading as 'Pine-Cabinets' from a Brighton qualified and cabinet maker, therefore who has enjoyed providing his skills for model enthusiasts in this range of cabinets. The site moved to its own site and server late 2008, however as demand for cabinets has decreased during 2009-2010, this domain and site has ceased.
http://www.Sussex-Transport.co.uk/451/ Southdown GUF 191
A place on the web for the ex. Southdown Motor Services Guy Arab GUF 191, fleet number 451 preservation group in 2004.
The vehcile has moved on to new owners through some difficulties encountered so the site will no oonger be updated.
www.Pennell.info www.Pennell.info
Created for an individual client in 2004 for 'TramFans' European Tours, now for email & a simple family contact page.
However the tourbus club frequently forget to provide the annual listing.
www.sussex-transport.co.uk/cpptd/ Last Day at Broad Street
Created to commemorate the last day at Broad Street in 2003 for the City of Portsmouth Preserved Trasport Depot, Bus Museum. With a relocation back to near home ground at Wicor.
www.brighton-hove-district.co.uk/ www.Brighton-Hove-District.co.uk
Domain name & email facilities purchased in 2001 for a preservation group that commenced in August 2000. The group has reformed in 2011, although this has now as such merged as the BH&D and Hampshire Bus Group with the vehcile to be in NBC livery ready for the Southdown 1915-2015 centerary celebrations.
www.brighton-corporation-transport.co.uk/ www.Brighton-Corporation-Transport.co.uk
Domain name & email facilities purchased for the Centenary celebrations of the Brighton Tramway system, in a joint excercise with the Brighton Museum display delayed by building works into 2002. The exhibition used primarily the views by Jack Turley.
www.transportpostcards.co.uk www.TransportPostcards.co.uk
Our further expansion of webpages were transfered to a similar name without the use of the hypen, in 2001 leading to an online store making better use of the stock control and virtual shopping experience for customers.
www.dinnages.info www.Dinnages.info
Our use of paid for domains help us avoid the pitfalls of using free email accounts and the inbox of unwanted mail!
http://www.Sussex-Transport.co.uk/surfleet/ Surfleet
Formally based at www.Surfleet-5021.org.uk, hosting services were provided for The Surfleet Transport Group 5021 from June 2000, which itself had started in January 1997.
Since the group no longer wished to be given any further publicity, this name and pages are no longer used. However the former transport shopkeeper in Lancing, the late Eric Surfleet may have a tribute within one of our sites at a later time, or in print form.
www.Sussex-Transport.co.uk/stig/ Sussex Transport Interest Group
Web hosting facilities provided for this locally based, wide coverage in topics, transport group with its own page in 2002 following a basic information page in 2000. This service is valued by the club and continues to this day. (2017)
http://www.Sussex-Transport.co.uk/ Sussex-Transport.co.uk
A non-profit & free hosting service for a variety of clubs, groups, and preservation societies, with links to other transport and related topics, including operators and its own visitors gallery, brought online after October 2000.
www.banfields.co.uk www.Banfields.co.uk
This long established company of 1856, first became involved in email communication in April 2000, through our early assistance who has gone on to make best use of its own email & web pages though other web designers.
We created a Facebook Page for this group in order to help gain further interactivty with its customers.
www.transport-postcards.co.uk www.transport-postcards.co.uk
Our expansion of pages used a more useful web name, with the use of email on the previous domain.
www.dinnages.org.uk www.dinnages.org.uk
Our first set of web pages were created here, with the use of email alone from 1999.

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