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Derek Monk - Photographer

Derek Monk - Photographer

A collection of B&W negatives that came from the final auction of the well known Eric Surfleet, a transport photographer himself, who bought and sold many photographs and other collectors items from his shop in Lancing. These negatives were NEVER released in print form by anyone but Eric himself as the bulk of the negatives went to Dennis Clark well before Erics auction of the shop and personal effects.

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AB01 Dinnages Publishing

Acrylic 6x4 Photo Block

Acrylic Photo Blocks Any photograph from our library can be added. If you already know the reference code, make your order with the sample, and just...
Acrylic 6x4 Photo Block £10.00GBP

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BW0139-PUF135M 9x6 Dinnages Publishing

BW0139-PUF135M 9x6

Photograph Detail & Descriptions as taken from our library database; Reorder BW0139 Mounted 9x6 ©DerekMonk/DinnagesTyped/d busGrade 1 Dated...
BW0139-PUF135M 9x6 £3.95GBP

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BW0167-SCD730N 9x6 Dinnages Publishing

BW0167-SCD730N 9x6

Photograph Detail & Descriptions as taken from our library database; Reorder BW0167 Mounted 9x6 ©DerekMonk/DinnagesTyped/d busGrade 2 Dated...
BW0167-SCD730N 9x6 £3.95GBP

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