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Colour Pro-Laser 9x6

Colour Professional Lab Laser Printed, mounted on white card.

The views are mounted on A4 white card, ready for direct framing into the standard A4 certificate frames available in many high street shops and online stores at very affordable prices. We do offer a basic ready made frame in three styles too.

9x6 (225x150mm) no white borders, subject to the image and negative itself.
Currently 74 of 119 published 9x6 images are available here online.

These 9x6 views offered within the thumbnail list below are lightly attached to a white card with non-permanent glue, the photo has copyright, vehicle and view information on a label on its reverse with another source label on the card back. This is then inserted into a polypropylene (BOPP) card bag film and wrap sealed to the rear to avoid moisture and keep dust from the picture. 

SPECIAL OFFER Buy any two 9x6 mounted prints and apply this discount code during checkout = 2x9x6
Same offer as provided to customers of our events stand. Apply discount for any pair of views purchased.

The prints are printed on professional laser equipment at one of the high street camera shops with sympathetic enthusiasm for reality in tone, obviously dependant on the negatives which are scanned & processed by us through Photoshop ready for printing. We offer this additional size based on the same format or ratio to 6 x 4 at a favourable rate in comparison to those seen locally offering mounted 10x8 photographs from stock on those views listed here. More becoming available as 6x4 prints are published initially for our Photo Newsletters, suitable views for 9x6 are produced at that print time. Requests for other prints at 9x6 are welcome provided these have already been offered as one of our 6x4 views, see the Photo Newsletter for those printed to date. Enthusiasts or those buying as gifts who require specific images not already processed will require more time to produce than our next day service from stock, in addition for an additional fee, we can recreate any poor original for you, and return your original with a new enhanced & improved mounted image for framing.

Please remember, buying any prints from us will bind you to the terms of our sales in that these are purely for personal use which does NOT include rescanning them for ANY reprinting or publishing them in any book or internet pages. Requests for such commercial use must be agreed BEFORE as this is not always agreed, with unauthorised use fee chargeable.

We may agree to the bigger prints being mounted and framed although you must ensure that copyright details are reproduced at least on the reverse of the frame itself without the need to remove the backing. None of the Barrie Hutson images will be offered online at 9x6 as we do not currently own any rights to produce these but for the 6x4 views, with all 9x6 being taken from our own material, and therefore not available anywhere else!

We can offer A4 certificate frames too, frame edged in clear pine wood, Black or Silver/Aluminium finishes.

Item Publisher/Supplier Item Name Product Image Price
JT0002-HUF84-OPN807 Dinnages Publishing


Photograph Detail & Descriptions as taken from our library database; Reorder JT0002ŠJack Turley/DinnagesTyped/d busGrade 1 Dated 1961-1967...
JT0002-HUF84-OPN807 £3.95GBP

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