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B&W Hand Printed 3 x 5

B&W Hand Printed 3  x 5
  • A true hand print method using a commercial printer, a dry method, no wet trays, at 3  x 5, 'old postcard' size.
Any image shown here are a representation only, they have been taken using a low-res camera as the negatives for these images have not been scanned unlike the 6x4 & 9x6 photographs on sale. These images are not available at 6x4.

We no longer use either of these methods, found the latter an expensive method and not cost effective requiring far higher runs of prints to sustain the commercial costs, yet we had to sell more, therefore being far more selective on what we could make available at the time. With an enthusiast making our prints we could neither demand any turnaround times, therefore the speed of small print orders however nicely done, were never going to be sufficient for our current production of at least 28 separate B&W images per month at quantity requested by subscribers.

Current & remaining stocks of these images in this 'old postcard' size or thereabouts, will sell here until depleted and at the same price as our other 'Lab-Laser prints, therefore the paper & product as such could be seen as better value. Those collectors of that size may like to pick views while the stock is available as all future printing is only from the 6x4 size upward in what we call 'lab-laser' format. You may just find some images at these sizes also available on our stall.

Some of those very first images that were hand printed at 6 x 4, only at most 12 of each were created and not all have been reprinted in this 'Lab-Laser' format, although with so many negatives now within our library its no wonder!. Until more of these views are available online, please do just contact us for more details or if a list is available, look for those here.

Please remember, buying any prints from us will bind you to the terms of our sales in that these are purely for personal use which does NOT include rescanning them for ANY reprinting or publishing them in any book or internet pages. Requests for such commercial use must be agreed BEFORE as this is not always agreed, as an unauthorised use fee may chargable in addition to our costs & reproduction fee incurred.

Item Publisher/Supplier Item Name- Product Image Price
B&W Hand Printed 3 x 5 Dinnages Publishing

B&W Hand Printed 3 x 5

B&W Hand Printed 3 x 5 Photographs will be added to this catagory as time permits...

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BH0000 Dinnages Publishing

Prints from the Barrie Hutson Library

Prints from the Barrie Hutson Library The images that were printed on 'old postcard' sized prints will be made available here. Those printed at 6x4...
Prints from the Barrie Hutson Library

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