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Barrie Hutson - Photographer

Barrie Hutson - Photographer

Barrie Hutson has been a long time enthusiast of Southern England buses, in particular;

  • Brighton, Hove & District
  • Brighton Corporation Transport
  • Southdown Motor Services
  • Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company
  • Sussex Independant operators

The photographic images Barrie has taken have already made thier way to our events stand from 2003 by means of a commercial hand printed process created to the 'old postcard' size prints. It is ONLY these that will be offered here.

The new printing at 6x4 size from 2009, and still Black and White, being published and available for the first time to enthusiasts were through our postal Photo Newsletter, so if you are interested in obtaining these now, find the Newsletter link at the top left of every online store page, as these at 6x4, not the same views as mentioned above, never to be available here online.

Many of the Barrie Hutson Series have never been printed before even by Barrie himself after all these years. We are now in a position to clarify that although there have been a handful of Barrie Huston images published way back in the 1960-70's, we have not been provided with those same images in bulk. The odd one may be a repeat, so otherwise views are therefore only just now becoming available to the wider audience and enthusiast. In order to direct views from our library to serious enthusiasts, our new library photos are aimed at a regular subscriber only. 

We have now digitised 357 different views,  43 were hand-printed, available to enthusiasts, consisting of;

  • Brighton, Hove & District
  • Brighton Corporation Transport
  • Southdown Motor Services
  • and other liveries including London Transport

Those printed at 6x4 will only be avavailable through Newsletter & while stock remains.
None will be reprinted ! So subscribe to the Photo Newsletter now...

Item Publisher/Supplier Item Name Product Image Price
AB01 Dinnages Publishing

Acrylic 6x4 Photo Block

Acrylic Photo Blocks Any photograph from our library can be added. If you already know the reference code, make your order with the sample, and just...
Acrylic 6x4 Photo Block £10.00GBP

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Prints from the Barrie Hutson Library

Prints from the Barrie Hutson Library The images that were printed on 'old postcard' sized prints will be made available here. Those printed at 6x4...
Prints from the Barrie Hutson Library

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