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Jack Turley - Photographer

Jack Turley - Photographer

The Late Jack Turley who sadly passed away in 2003, was an avid Railway & general transport enthusiast.

Dinnages now own all the known negatives, slides, prints & an assignment of his rights to publish these commercially without hinderance. Some of this material has already been published, as hand printed photographs in the earlier 90's, & a few more after in the 6x4 format. The very first set of six negatives we had from Jack, the Brighton Tram & Trolleybus launched our exclusive postcard series. Our lab processed 6x4 & 9x6 are available on stall, through newsletter & some online here.

Two presentations of his material show a taster of his collections, with a selection shown at Brighton Museum 2001/2002

Images depict amongst the wealth of material;

  • Southern England Steam Railway
  • Diesel & Electric motive traction of the South-East
  • Light rail such as Volks & London Underground
  • London, Belfast, Blackpool, Southampton, Brighton & other conorbations tramway systems
  • Brighton, Maidstone, Hastings, London, Kingston, Bournemouth, Reading & other Trolleybus systems
  • Buses, both half-cabs from 1937 to the late 1990's across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and others dotted around the UK

240 Steam Railway images have been printed, with more of the unpublished road transport & reprints of the earlier material in due course, and this task alongside many other demands, available at stalls, through newsletter & eventually provided online.

Note that other than the railway images which will have thier own series number system, the B&W images will continue to be listed as they are now within the BW series. Jacks Colour slides are under one his own number systems, 1-100 so far.

Only 30 negatives have been known to have been sold to another dealer, while an unknown number had been given for a nominal sum to the Maidstone & District and East Kent Bus Club directly related to their particular interest. Some years ago, Jack told me that he had lent out his previously unprinted negatives, mainly as he could not afford to at the time of developing, and some were not returned, others that were returned to him with prints for his own use were W J Haynes, and 'Lens of Sutton', while books used the names C Carter & DWKJones. Regardles of where the odd few negatives are, we 'own' the assigned right to publish whatever images Jack produced by his expertise with his own film and camera.

For more information follow this link to our Flickr photos.

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