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DVD Bus & Buses - UK

Bus & Buses - UK

A bus, omnibus or autobus, is a road vehicle designed to carry passengers, usually fare paying in order to travel from one place to another for work or pleasure. A bus can generally seat a maximum of anywhere from the minibus 8 to 300 passengers! Buses are the most widely used form of public transportation, formally known as PSV now more commonly PCV, Passenger Carrying Vehicle since in the UK at least the Publkic Service Vehcile services have been deregulated and form part of a wide base of privtae companies than Borough Council or as part of the National Bus Company between 1969 and 1985. A bus or buses are also used in tourism and as private transport for own staff or charitable concerns.

The most common type of bus is the single-decker bus, with larger loads carried by double-decker buses and articulated or bendy buses, with the smaller passenger loads carried by midibuses and minibuses. As such the more luxurious version of the bus is the coach used for longer journeys giving a better seat and ride. Buses are usually now powered by a diesel engine, although earlier buses were horse drawn then petrol, experimenting with steam propulsion about the 1830s the steam powered bus existed, when steam was used in many heavy goods vehciles and its transportation of supplies. In common with the car industry bus manufacturing is increasingly a globalised activity, with the same design of bus appearing on roads around the world.

Bus is a derivation of Omnibus Vehicle meaning "vehicle for all", where omnibus means "for all" in Latin, reflecting its early usage for public transport. When motorized transport replaced horse-drawn transport starting around 1905, a motorized omnibus was for a time sometimes called an autobus, a term still used in French and other languages.

There are indications of the first bus dating back to 1662, although serious horse drawn public transport bus services were not launched until the 1820s. Early buses were horse drawn vehicles, a combination of the hackney carriage and stagecoach concepts. The first engine powered buses emerged along with development of the automobile. After the first engine powered bus of 1895, models expanded in the 1900s, leading to the widespread introduction of the contemporary recognisable form of full size buses from the 1950s.

In parallel to the development of the bus, was the invention of the electric trolleybus running under a system of wires, which actually preceded, and in many urban areas outnumbered, the conventional engine powered bus. Trolleybuses use power drawn from overhead power, a later development from the tram and covered in another catagory.

Item Publisher/Supplier Item Name Product Image Price
OV435D Online Video

No Trolleys To Aquarium - Brightons Transport 1930-1960's

No Trolleys To Aquarium - Brightons Transport 1930-1960's Length = 86 Minutes Format = DVD-R Copyright = 2004 Online Video A look at Brighton's...
No Trolleys To Aquarium - Brightons Transport 1930-1960's £15.00GBP  £12.50GBP

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JK113D J & K Video

Routemaster Memories - post 1974

Routemaster Memories - post 1974 Length = 102 Minutes Format = DVD-R Copyright = J&K Video Credits = John Laker, Gill Sutherland, Ken Blacker,...
Routemaster Memories - post 1974 £17.95GBP  £16.95GBP

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OV413D Online Video

Classic London Bus - The RT Family

Classic London Bus - The RT Family  Length = 72 Minutes Format = DVD-R Copyright = 2008 Online Video Released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of...
Classic London Bus - The RT Family £16.00GBP

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IT069D IndependentTransport Videos

Re Living Hants & Dorset

Reliving Hants & Dorset  Length = 103 Minutes Format = DVD-R Copyright = 2009 Independent Transport Videos Footage of the former Tilling Group...
Re Living Hants & Dorset £19.95GBP

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IT093D IndependentTransport Videos

Portsmouth Buses Routes 17/18

Portsmouth Buses - Routes 17 & 18  Length = 112 Minutes Format = DVD-R Copyright = 2006 Independent Transport Videos Celebrating 75 years...
Portsmouth Buses Routes 17/18 £17.95GBP  £16.95GBP

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IT089D IndependentTransport Videos

Return Ride on the Isle of Wight 2004/2006

Return Ride on the Isle of Wight 2004/2006 Length = 98 Minutes Format = DVD-R Copyright = 2007 Independent Transport Videos Our cameras have made...
Return Ride on the Isle of Wight 2004/2006 £19.95GBP  £16.95GBP

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OV600D Online Video

Routemaster Farewell 2005

Routemaster Farewell 2005 Length = 100 Minutes Format = DVD-R Copyright = Online Video Relive the unique Routemaster experience during the last 2.5...
Routemaster Farewell 2005 £16.00GBP

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Routemaster Memories - post 1974
Routemaster Memories - post 1974
£17.95GBP  £16.95GBP
Portsmouth Buses Routes 17/18
Portsmouth Buses Routes 17/18
£17.95GBP  £16.95GBP

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