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DVD Tram & Tramways - UK

Tram & Tramways - UK

A tram, tramcar, trolley, trolley car, or streetcar is a vehicle that traverses on rails in the ground usually a public roadway, which therefore is its tramway or tramroad. These road based vehicles are of lighter weight and construction than a train, designed for the transport of a smaller amount of frequent alighting passengers than trains on dedicated railways in, close to, or between all types of conorbations to enable its passengers to commute, or travel within frequently used areas. These tracks, tramways or tramroads, can vary in widths or known as gauges depending on the type or country found located. Overseas, some types of cable car are also known as trams, although we would list those under another catagory.

With the trolleybus having tyres unable to conduct a return feed for its electricity, a pair of poles and wires are required whereas the earlier simpler format of the tram used the tracks to earth the return through its steel wheels to take the current to ground.

Tramways or street railways were common throughout the industrialised world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries but they disappeared from most towns and cities in the United Kingdom and the U.S. in the mid-20th century. By contrast, trams in continental Europe continued to be widely used.

Trams in a way have made a come back in the UK although classed as Light Railways although sharing features with trams, the distinction between the two is that Light Rail is used when there is significant off-street running such as using redundant Main Line Railway track beds or if there are more than three cars, with trams being primarily single cars.

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OV435D Online Video

No Trolleys To Aquarium - Brightons Transport 1930-1960's

No Trolleys To Aquarium - Brightons Transport 1930-1960's Length = 86 Minutes Format = DVD-R Copyright = 2004 Online Video A look at Brighton's...
No Trolleys To Aquarium - Brightons Transport 1930-1960's £15.00GBP  £12.50GBP

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