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Friends of Chatham&DistrictGKE68

Friends of Chatham Traction

Our 'Dinnages Picture Library' have a number of views that have been offered as an arrangement with our photographic library and the Friends. Ask them about what photos they offer on this exclusive basis from our collection that provides needed proceeds towards their fund. www.chathamtraction.org.uk, therefore we do not sell those same images here.

These were taken by Jack Turley who supported the group and many other preservation projects as do we whether having a charitable status or not.

How to help

The Friends of Chatham Traction was formed in March 2007 to restore, exhibit and operate as an educational resource the sole surviving Chatham Traction bus, GKE 68.

A full Subscription to the Friends allows participation in the affairs of the organization, principally by having voting rights at the AGM. As a Subscriber you'll receive our periodic updates and have priority on special events.

In addition anyone who offers help or provides support in any way is added to the Friends' list of Supporters and receives updates. The Supporters list includes a whole range of people such as ex-Chatham Traction employees, bus preservationists, local government officers and industry journalists.

There's no lower (or upper!) limit on donations or regular payments so its up to you - all contributions gratefully received!


For membership matters contact:

Paul Kemsley
Membership Secretary

01954 719694
e-mail: paulkemsley@btinternet.com

Other contacts:

Chairman: Richard Bourne 01904 766375
e-mail: richard@thebournes.me.uk

Treasurer: David Swan 01622 814445
e-mail: davidswans@hotmail.co.uk

Item Publisher/Supplier Item Name Product Image Price

Story of Chatham Traction - GKE68

"'Ere Comes ve Brahn Bus Duck" by Richard Bourne & Roger Davies The story of Chatham Traction, produced for the 2005 Anniversary Event....
Story of Chatham Traction - GKE68 £5.00GBP

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