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An update to this Page of products.

We were at one time a stockist after 2008 of the Train Sim Add Ons that were based on the original Microsoft Simulator.

With changes at that company, and moving most games online, the simulators were somewhat pushed aside and although Rail Simulator has taken over from these in popularity, we had devalued our 'new' remaining stock to a very low price level to release these from stock to anyone who might already have other Sims and wanted a bargain.

We decided that PC gaming is a very specialist field and can vary so quickly on format and the need to keep pace with technology, so rather than spend lots of our funds with these, we are concentrating on buying new books from smaller independent publishers, alongside general former owned book collections, and our photo library. Our speciality is also on obsolete books, that are never likely to be reprinted in the same format again, being first editions usually of a local Sussex interest.

Do contact us on our web form if you would like to take any of the remaining stock of these Train Sims & earn a better discount rate. They are all still perfectly shrink wrapped, therefore not used.

Past Information

Originally thought to be due late 2008 or sometime 2009, the long awaited replacement & upgrade had now been shelved for the foreseeable future as Microsoft had dispensed with the software team responsible for the 2008 released Flight Simulator.

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