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As well as this online store & the still active 'former shopping pages', we also list items for sale at times at the following third party sites. Our username at any of the sites is our general trading name, 'Dinnages', therefore searching by that username will show what we have available.

For all sorts of collectables, such as postcards, used stock of photographs, booklets & models, go to eBid;

Also infrequent items on the more known site eBay;

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Stock items shown as Sold Out, or not found & priced within the shopping system itself may be found on the Former Shopping Pages. These too may not have an individual price 'payment button' attached. Therefore requires the customer to make a variable amount and enter here manually.

To use PayPal use the PAY NOW button above, you can also use the send money tab.
Alternative options with your credit/debit card without any of these account facilities are;
We can recommend the use of UK NOCHEX even more so now its integrated within the checkout.
All these debit/credit card secure online payment options are in addition to accepting Cheques/UK. To avoid high banking charges for these payments, they must be payable only to G. Dinnage

We therefore encourage buyers to avoid fees at either end, & postal delays by using BACS/Internet/Telephone Banking transfers, where on Step 2 of 3 of checkout, select Cheque/Transfer option, add details of the payment made in the comments box, so we can look on our online statement thereafter. Use the BACS logo link above to locate account details.

Trade Supplies to the trade may have an account opened for them depending on what items may have been offered. Otherwise these and others whom have been sent an invoice for trade supplies, for virtual items, and fees associated with domains will need to use a payment method above or a cheque.
Generally none of the payments made here below are something that can be sent to a customer. Any payments taken by mistake by the visiting customer WILL be FULLY refunded if taken to end of checkout as soon as we are notified by the system mail. Virtual items and domain fees are those associated with domain names, email facilities, web hosting, web creation, and based PA or quarterly, which will have been requested by an email or invoice.

 Domain and Web services by Dinnages Web Services

We have created web pages and purchased new domains for a variety of clubs and societies along with commercial organisations. If you would like to know more about some of the free services to those on non-profit, or for basic help on a more commercial venture click the link logo above.

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Webmaster Services

Dinnages commenced trading in February 1989, as dealers in a variety of collectables. With a move from retail into online trading have also utilised...
Webmaster Services
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Photoservices Dinnages Picture Publishing

Photographic Services

Photographic services - Prices on enquiry. Prints from negatives (all formats singles or strips 35mm/120/plate) Prints from slides Prints from...
Photographic Services

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