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Cookies. What & why?

Cookies... put simply on this site, are used to ensure that when a customer of this site has chosen the goods they wish to buy and goes to pay, the site ‘remembers’ what they chose.

What exactly are cookies?

No not the biscuits, we are talking about just a small text file that is placed on your computer when you visit a website that uses cookies. The information held can then be read and used by the web site to enable additional features to your browsing experience which remembers your preferences, page selection changes, items or data selections you make. This is how all websites remember what its visitors do online. Cookies can not harm your computer. They are certainly not active & are not viruses therefore cannot infect or damage your computer, neither able to extract or manipulate data from your hard drive. They do not store or collect your personal or sensitive data only provide information to the web server about the way in which you are using or have used the particular website recently. Some hold data for only a short period, others longer so storing your provisional orders in the shopping cart.

How our site uses Cookies

All business sites need to use cookies or there would be way to track what items you wished to order and buy, as its your way to place items in your virtual trolley or basket while you go round our site. Some cookies are essential to enhancing your experience otherwise cookies to collect information about our site’s performance, recognise when you come back to us and identify what topic you are interested in. 

Google Analytics

Some stores also use Google Analytics, while we currently have no interest in this or outside commercial trackers but for statcounter alongside our own which just counts how many visitor the store and where. 

What Cookies are not used for:
  • Storing sensitive detailed information about you. You give us the very basic details in your login.
  • Cookies do not make records of anything that could be used to identify you personally.
  • We never know the details of your credit or debit card details. Thats either at Paypal or Nochex.
  • Other than for fraud, we never use or pass on your details to third parties.

The UK Regulations 2011

The U.K.'s Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (PECR) Act 2011 was brought into force on May 26, 2011. It requires website owners whose sites use cookies to inform users of what cookies are, if and how the site uses them and provide guidance on how to block them if preferred.

 Controlling Cookies

All web browsers have built-in options to manage the way they deal with cookies, where most browsers set to accept cookies by default. This is to ensure all web sites function properly and provide the optimum online experience to you, the visitor. If you wish to change the way your own browsers manages cookies, you adjust this within your browsers settings as nothing at the web page can be adjusted. Please note that changing or disabling your cookie settings will affect your browsing experience and possibly deny your online shopping.

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