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Charities & Preservation

Supporting Charities & Preservation

During our many years of trading, that is buying and selling various items of transport memorabilia, we have supported a variety of genuine charitable organisations and preservation projects related to transport. We will be adding to this page about new charities and preservation groups that we make unconditional donations to during our occasion to become interest in what we consider to be worthy local ventures.

Some of these have wished not to have been identified and we will respect that, and equally those projects we have donated to may not even have mentioned us as a family team or our trading name ever. Some that have had hel;p may by now have withdrawn that mention or link. We also do not discuss what we have donated to any particular party however it can be direct funding or the supply of something or in production of something that can be sold for retailing off the group stand. Such items have included Photographs, Postcards, Fridge Magnets, licensing of exclusive images or help with stand equipment or the making of, where funding has been for particular items such as seat moquette, tyres or just the general fund.

The recipients we may not all be transport related however the preservation and restoration groups that are not charitable bodies are so often dedicated to the specific vehicles mentioned. Where possible live links are given so you may go onto read more about their cause. Do check out our 'Charitable Products' listings which involve some of the past & present sales that have assisted in these donations.

Some examples (Listed alphanumerically);

Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre #278722/#1092339 - Annual Donations
Brighton Hove & District HPN79D - Donation and practical
Brighton Hove & District PPM210G - Funding and practical
Brighton & Hove Scania E701EFG - Donation
BrightonTram53Society - Donations/Magnets/Booklet/Stand/Licensed Photo/FB Page
Friends of Chatham Traction - Licensing of photos from our library for Society sales
Classic Buses Eastbourne - Facebook Page for its annual running day
CPPTD - Donations, Postcards & Magnets, videos for 50% of O/T upper deck seating

FOKAB - Magnets
Hampshire Bus and Coach Preservation - Donation towards PPM210G
Hastings Trolleybus Restoration Group - Donation & Postcards
London Transport RTL1427 - Postcards
Maidstone Trolleybus number 56 - Donations & photographs
Maidstone Trolleybus number 72 - Donations, photos, & Postcard
Martlets Hospice - Donations in conjunction with Roger French and B&H sale items
SMS/B&H Bristol VR AAP651T - Donation
SMS/B&H Bristol VR UWV617S - Donation
The Southdown Omnibus Trust #1070513 - Annual donations
Sussex Transport Interest Group - 10th & 21st anniversary models & website hosting
Sussex Vintage Railway Collectors - Hosting of its club website
Volk's Electric Railway Association - Donation and Postcard

If you have a charitable cause that has direct links to transport that has at one time operated commercially within Brighton or Sussex, you are welcome to put forward your cause, which would be considered on its merits for a one off donation, an infrequent payment or for the creation of or exclusive items for your project.
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