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History of Dinnages, the early days...

Dinnages originally based & continued to trade from Hove, now part of the Brighton & Hove City, in East Sussex, commenced trading in 1989 following a number of childhood years as collectors of toys such as the Lesney and Matchbox brands, which soon became more than just sentimental play things, as reminders of those childhood days. These items when moved from home to home over the years were the provocation for my fiancé to wonder what was in these old tea packing crates. From there a regular trip round car-boot fairs, toy collector fairs eventually moving into serious dealing by late 1988 saw the collectables taking over space in our home. We soon realised we could buy, back then just toys, at favorable prices and sell them on to others at more realistic prices, paying for the stall costs with ease. Over greater time, our range of items has increased and changed direction from just old toys, included modern collectable diecast, books, photographs, videos (then DVD), leading to publishing our own exclusive postcards forming an avenue for profits towards charitable concerns on a transport theme.

History of Dinnages, as retailers...

Lack of storage space for one reason, we opened a tiny retail shop originally in late 1990, which was staffed by my Wife & partner Carolyn, initially four days a week, until its final days as all the young children of ours were at school full-time, where we closed the shop near the end of 2000. Our original open days were Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, where Tuesdays were dropped through lack of serious sales, and in the last two months, just Saturdays while attending to complicated lease requirements prior to closure.

Dinnages, moving on, progressing online...

From an early trial with manually hard code html hand typed webpages, adding specific products using 'buy-now' buttons around 1997, this principle of selling online grew, adding our collectables through auction and other familiar sites too, with the deeper study of programming in code brought us to experiment with this online 'shopping cart' as often they are referred to. Without the expense of monthly fees or a massive outlay on commercial software, or requiring any outside technical web services, our 'online store' had progressed from a test handful of our transport collectables in May 2007 to over 300 three years later, many new items plus a migration of products from the older 'hand coded' pages have been included. As time permits the sales of our photograph library is progressing covering UK transport views in album size 6x4 and mounted 9x6 sizes, for framing to A4 size.

The future of Dinnages, publishing...

From those early days of taking photographs in exchange and selling specialist booklets on transport, we have a vast library of our own material now and many sources of good historians that we have visions of drawing on ideas of those smaller publishers therefore an aim to create a similar publication or two in time to come.
Watch this space!

We continue in looking after the enthusiast, historian, book publisher, and industry in our sales. 
More about our history can be found from our Home Page at www.TransportPostcards.co.uk
We manage all our own and other sites we create and are hosted by FreeVirtualServers.com

This business trading as 'Dinnages' since 1989 is and never has had any connection with a local Sussex based company selling cars and the servicing of, however we still to this day get calls and enquires on that topic, usually by people NOT making a good effort to really check who they are dealing with when searching for garages on the variety of online directories, so sadly there is no longer a public telephone number for our online sales! Our right exists to trade using the plural of our own surname with no conflict with the company primarily selling cars that no longer have an owner with that surname.

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