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Privacy Info...

Your privacy is one of our main concerns other than to provide great customer care. No information that any customer provides is EVER given to ANYONE outside of this online store. The online shop staff that may have access to the admin area normally have no need to see your data, and anyway are all trusted close family members. Your data is NOT used for any other reason than to provide you, the customer with a status report and confirmation of your orders, discounts, changes, site maintenance times, new products available, associated sites and pages. There are NO third-party outside orgainsations that we need to share data with. On the contary, the Checkout Process in this store is completely separate and therefore any payments you make are undertaken through their own site pages with a secure system that we have NO access to, for example PayPal/Nochex, or any other merchant we see fit to integrate to the store. This itself does not preclude you from using the store to gain your discounts & benefits in using other methods, all you need do is to select Cheque/Transfer before completing the three stage order process. Originally we took birth dates but realised these were NOT required, although it helps identify customers who may have lost the password that we do not actually see, but can generate another, these dates neither interact with the card merchant sites, so in hindsight we have removed that 'requirement'. Those that have added the date can see they would have been removed.

A word about Cookies...

Yes, as a shopping site, we really do need them, this and many other stores cannot work without them !
Popular rumours about web cookies describe them as programs that can scan your hard drive and obtain information about you, like passwords, credit card numbers, and a list of the files on your PC.
None of that is true!
Cookies are only a short piece of text data, which is sent from a web server (where you are looking) to a web browser (your screen program like Internet Explorer or Firefox) when that browser of yours visits the servers (our) site. The cookie is stored on the users PC, and it is not an executable program, so cannot do any harm to your machine, but it means at our end our system 'knows' its you so means you can stay logged in while roaming and browsing picking items for your basket. So an Internet shopping site (like ours) uses a tiny cookie file to keep track of which of the open shopping baskets belongs to which buyer! A web server cannot find out your name or e-mail address, neither anything within your PC just by using those cookies. The site or shop staff can only know those personal details after you have provided the information so as to provide you with the service you desire.

Should you have any concerns then use our Contact Us page and do let us know!

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