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Cross City Routes

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Cross City Routes

The Cross-City line is a suburban railway line predominantly in the West Midlands region of England. It runs from Redditch in Worcestershire, its southern terminus, to Lichfield, Staffordshire, and its northern terminus via Birmingham New Street.
There are 24 four stations in all covering some 30 - 40 miles of countryside, and passes through the centre of Birmingham calling at its main station "Birmingham New Street". New Locos will be a Class 323 (which is the only unit currently running on this line). A selection of activities will also be included.

The Cross-City Line is a suburban railway line in the West Midlands region of England. It runs from Redditch, Worcestershire, its southern terminus, to Lichfield, Staffordshire, its northern terminus, via Birmingham New Street, London Midland currently operates services on this line.

For many years, passenger services on the line were worked by elderly Class 108, 115, 116, 117, 118 and 121 diesel multiple units. However, by the early 1990s these trains were becoming increasingly unreliable, so new trains were built to coincide with the electrification of the route in 1993. By 1995 the last of the old trains had been withdrawn, having been replaced by the current Class 323 electrical multiple units.

There are long-standing proposals for improvements to the line. Extra stations have been proposed for Mere Green (between Four Oaks and Butler's Lane), Raddlebarn Road (between Bournville and Selly Oak, to serve Selly Oak Hospital), and Wychall (between Northfield and King's Norton). More ambitious plans include the re-opening of a short spur south of Longbridge to Rubery and Frankley and the re-introduction of local trains on the Camp Hill Line (effectively a loop between Birmingham New Street and King's Norton). Nevertheless, the line's main problem is capacity on its central section. The long-term aspiration is for dedicated tunnels running through central Birmingham.  This would either take the form of new bored tunnels (favoured by the SRA) or a re-opening of Birmingham Curzon Street Station to allow two of the existing four tunnels to be used for local trains only (formerly favoured by Central Trains).
Current daytime service levels are:

•    between Redditch and Longbridge: 2 trains per hour
•    between Longbridge and Four Oaks: 6 trains per hour
•    between Four Oaks and Lichfield City: 4 trains per hour
•    between Lichfield City and Lichfield Trent Valley: 2 trains per hour

Watch a video trailer here

CC01_Redditch-New Street Time 0927 Season Summer
Drive the 0927 commuter service from Redditch to Birmingham New Street. You need to keep to time as much as possible, and there is plenty of traffic about today, so any delays on your part will be passed onto the entire network. There is a shipment of new MG cars today as well, with the Mayor of Birmingham attending, so they can’t be late because of any commuter delays.
Keep to All Speed Limits!!
CC02_Longbridge-Lichfield TV Time 0943 Season Autumn Rain
You’re in charge of the 0943 service from Longbridge to Lichfield. Drive according to speed limits, and ensure that you are not the cause of any delays. The weather is atrocious today, so have your wits about you.
CC03_New St - Lichfield Trent Valley Time 0650 Season Autumn Clear
You take over the train at Birmingham New Street. As can be expected it’s busy at New Street for this time of the morning, so you need to be prompt away at your departure time. You will climb up out of New Street and then take the branch towards Aston before heading off through the valleys to Lichfield.
CC04_Cross Country Diversion
Time - 15.45 Season - Winter, Rain
You have just been advised that your train is to be diverted en route to Derby. Your next stop is Birmingham New Street, and then its clear run all the way to Lichfield Trent Valley where you will need to stop as an adhoc request to rescue passengers from earlier failure. Don’t hang about, the weather is far from good and these passengers are already 30mins late!!
This is a semi fast service to Redditch. Whatever happens your going to be late, there is a turbo star service from Lichfield that has priority over you, there is a late in bound service from Redditch, so your task today is to minimise the delay at Redditch. Drive at max permissible line speed, and see how close to timetable you can keep.
Speeding will effect the automatic penalty brake application!!
CC06_Longbridge Works Time 1200 Season Summer Clear
You’re en route to Rovers car plant at Longbridge, where you have to collect 18 loaded car wagons that require transportation up North. You need to undertake all of this in the midst of a normal days commuter traffic, so obey all speed limits, and signals, and ensure you act promptly in order that you do not delay any passenger services. Remember, passenger’s services have priority over freight.
CC07_Measurement Train Time 1545 Season Winter Rain
Drive the Cross Country route from Lichfield to Redditch, and measure the track for profiles, measurement and gauge using the Network Rail New Measurement Train.
There is a passenger service in front of you, so watch the signals. Travel at maximum permissible line speed.
CC08_Freight Rescue Time 1845 Season Summer Clear
Its been an easy day up until now!! A Class 47 with car freight bound for Longbridge has broken down, and managed to limp into Blake Street station. You need to rescue it and bring it into Birmingham New Street, where your shift ends and another driver will take over. The passengers on subsequent trains are far from happy, and where ever possible diversions are taking place, however there are inevitable delays. You are likely to get caught in the midst of the evening rush hour commuter services, and so will need to dodge the traffic as best you can.
CC09_Barnt Green - New Street Time 1006 Season Spring Clear
A Semi fast service to Birmingham New Street, in charge of a Class 170 Turbo Star. You need to be quick in order to get in front of the slow stopping service, otherwise you will be delayed into Birmingham New Street.
CC10_Fast to Redditch Time 0600 Season Spring Clear
A straightforward fast trip to Redditch, stopping only at Kings Norton, Longbridge, Alvechurch and Redditch.

Minimum Specifications required;

  • Copy of Microsoft® Train Simulator 1 required
  • Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/Me/2000/XP. Does not support NT
  • PC with 1.5Ghz equivalent or higher processor suggested
  • 256 MB of RAM for Windows; 512 MB for Windows XP or better
  • Approximately 550MB of available hard disk space
  • Quad-speed or higher CD-ROM drive
  • DirectX 7.0a video driver
  • DirectX 7.0a or later compatible 64 MB video RAM or better (128MB)
  • Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio (not ideal on board)
  • Mouse or compatible pointing device


    • Model: CC
    • Manufactured by: EuropeanBahn

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