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Microsoft Train Simulator


Although this was released 7 years ago, I believe it is still far superior to the rival train simulators on the current market, thanks to the major range of add-ons by third parties

Whether your a budding steam train driver or an EMU fanatic, there is a train and route for everyone from the Settle - Carlisle Line with the Flying Scotsman and Class 50 Diesel right through to the futuristic electric trains found on the rails of Japan

Drive through scenic destinations while contending with extreme weather, track/signal problems, seasonal delays let along keeping to the speed limits and remembering to allow enough time for braking at stations!

There are stacks of activities from shunting in goods yards, local passenger services, pulling The Orient Express and long distance journeys to give a task for every level of player.

The graphics are very good considering the age of the game and licensing has stopped the game from being totally accurate but you can recognise where you are, especially if you travel on the route frequently

If your thinking of waiting until MSTS 2 is released next year, I would highly recommend getting this today and give yourself a taster of what to expect in the near future, at this pocket money price!
Date Added: 02/24/2008 by Steven Dinnage
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